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Pod Date 0913.20 (UFO & Space: 1999)

This time out I'm on my own and I make a pitch for you all to watch the 70s British TV shows UFO and Space: 1999

Pod Date 0716.20 (Video Games with Patrick)

This time around I am joined by Patrick and we talk about video games. Sports video games specifically but we also goin other areas

Pod Date 05025.20 (80s Wrestling with Dave)

This episode I am joined by Dave to discuss the professional wrestling explosion in the 1980s

Pod Date 0515.20 Star Trek: Picard w/Erin (Part Two)

Part two of my discussion with Erin about Star Trek Picard

Pod Date 0508.20 - Star Trek Picard w/Erin (Part One)

This time out I'm joined by Erin and we discuss Star Trek: Picard

Pod Date 0401.20 - Childhood Toys w/ Co-Host Patrick

I am joined by my co-host Patrick and we discuss some of our favorite toys from our childhood

Pod Date 0305.20 - Mystery Science Theater 3000 w/ Co-Host Erin

I'm joined by my friend Erin and we discuss one of the greatest shows of all time, Mystery Science Theater 3000

Pod Date 0111.20 (Sci-Fi Polling Place - Doctor Who Spyfall - My Moment of Zen - The Q)

- Sci-Fi Polling Place - Doctor Who Spyfall - My Moment of Zen (January TV) - The Q (Record Stores)

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